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sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2011

Entrevista - Tanya - BLOG: Snap and Tumble

Uma doce entrevista com a Tanya!
Ela trabalha em Toronto com tipografia 
e cria inúmeros trabalhos com isso!
P.S. Espero muito conhecer melhor seu trabalho e ateliê! 

Essa é ela! Linda foto, né?

"own a small printery 
and am constantly trying to find space in my home for new cases of type."

Snap + Tumble é uma pequena produtora de impressos tipográficos!
 Cheia de charme!

Todas as imagens retiradas do blog dela!

Um pouquinho do mundo dela! 

1. How is live in TORONTO?

I love living in Toronto, there are so many neighbourhoods to visit,
 things to do, and not to mention, fantastic restaurants!

2. Why do you star a blog? 

And how its influence your daily life?

I started the Snap + Tumble blog to document my adventures in letterpress printing.
It was a way for me to collect and organize my thoughts on something 
I was passionate about. 
I don't post everyday but try to every week so that I

can connect with my readers.

3. What is your occupation? 
What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a practicing letterpress printer. 
In my free time, I like to make things (other than letterpress prints).

These handmade things could include sewn goods, stationery and snail mail.

 I also love to go thrift store shopping!

Alguns projetos da Tayna! 

4. What make you feel strong and confident ?

I feel most strong and confident when I am at my press, printing. 
It's a quiet and meditative activity that takes focus and time 
but I enjoy every aspect of it.

5. What is a perfect day for you ?

A day in Autumn that is cool but sunny. 

Good friends and family, 
a homecooked meal and a game of Pictionary!

6. What is your favorite place to have 

a good coffebreak in Toronto?

White Squirrel

7. Where have you been traveling? 
Whats the mean of travel in your life?

I have visited the Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, London, New York, Vancouver, and San Francisco. I don't travel as often as I'd like. But as soon as the time comes to take leave again, I'd love to head back to Italy!

Duas revistas nas quais a Tanya deu sua contribuição! 

Eu vou fazer um post especial sobre essa revista!

Essa revista já apareceu aqui no blog mais de uma vez mas eu também 
 vou fazer um post especial sobre ela!

A Tanya tem alguns projetos com o!