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quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

Entrevista MEGA especial - Cecilia Danell: Uma das minhas artistas da atualidade favoritas!

Images by Cecilia

Images by Cecilia

Eu gosto muito dos trabalhos
 dela desenvolvidos a partir dessas imagens! 
Acho lindo! Cheio de significados e sentidos. 

Images by Cecilia

Para mim é um ENORME, mas sabe ENORME prazer postar essa entrevista. Eu admiro o trabalho da Cecilia há 2 anos, e sua voz me acompanhou em muito momentos... era um conforto ouvir seus covers e canções além de ver imagens de suas exposições e confirmar mais uma vez que o mundo está cheio de mulheres incríveis!  Ela é uma artista sueca que mora na Irlanda, sua obra   é   inspiradora  e  cheia de reflexões sobre a vida, suas pinturas são iluminadoras e acolhedoras... entrar no mundo dela,   é   sempre um convite bem-vindo. 

Gostaria de agradecer a participação da Cecilia aqui no blog!
 Muito Obrigada! Espero um dia ter um quadro seu em minha casa!

 Imagens retiradas do blog dela!


1. How is it living in Galway, Ireland? 
And you go often to Sweden? 

by google 

by google 

I have most of my friends in Galway since I've lived there for over 7 years, so I like it very much. One of the bad aspects of living there is the rainy weather, but the people are very friendly and there are always a lot of festivals, concerts and art exhibitions going on there throughout the year. I use to go to Sweden a couple of times a year, usually in early autumn and for Christmas, I always spend Christmas with my family in Sweden. 

2. What is your occupation?

 What do you like to do in your free time? 

I am a visual artist with an art studio as part of a studio collective in the centre of Galway, but I also work within the tourism industry during the summers.

3. Can you tell me about your artwork? 
And your covers and songs?

Fine art is my biggest interest and main occupation. I work with painting, video/Super 8 film, installation and photography. In 2012 I have two large solo exhibition and one two-person exhibition in Ireland which I will be busy making work for in the coming months. 
Since I'm from Sweden I use to draw inspiration from the architecture and landscape where I grew up, so I use to go to Sweden to do research and to make film work.
I love to sing and play the guitar, but so far it's only been a hobby since art has always been my main focus, but you never know, I may pursue it professionally in the future. I like to make covers of songs that sound a bit different from the original to show a different aspect of the song. I write my own songs too but I feel that I have a lot to learn as a songwriter.

Vale a pena conferir os videos dela 
e suas cancões ... ela canta MUITO bem!

4. Who is your favorites artist?

I like many types of music, rock, pop, jazz, electro etc. but my favourite musician of all time would be Kate Bush.

When it comes to visual artists my favourite artists are: 

Peter Doig

Laura Owens 

by google 

Mamma Andersson

Adorei esses artistas!

5. What make you feel strong and confident ? 

When people believe in and like what I do, to be offered exhibitions and opportunities because people like what you do is always a great boost. 

When I'm among people who are fun and interesting and easy to be around. 

6. What is a perfect day for you ? 

When I immerse myself in work that I enjoy doing. It could be anything from painting to editing film to building an installation etc. While working I listen to some good music and then I take a break and meet a good friend for coffee. By the end of the day I feel that what I've made has turned out better than I expected. That's a perfect, creative day for me. 
7. How is a typical day in your life? 

Image by Cecilia

It depends on what I'm working on at that particular time, but most days I have breakfast and check my emails and then I spend some time working in the art studio, then I go for a break to have lunch in my favourite cafe where I also stay and read for a bit (I do a lot of reading). Then I go back and continue to work in the studio for a while. 

8. Where have you been traveling?

 Whats the mean of travel in your life? 

Fotos by Cecilia!

I love travelling but I haven't been able to travel as much as I'd like to. I've only travelled within Europe so far, but my favourite trip I've done was when I won a young artist's award which enabled me to go to Berlin and live there for 3 weeks to do research and look at art and vintage shops. It was great! I also love London, there are always so many things to see and do there. Most of my trips are between Ireland and Sweden, it's always great to come to Sweden and see friends and family when I haven't been there for a while. My next place I'd really like to visit is New York. 
9. You seem to be very courageous, productive, motivated and independent. 

What is your secret to be successful women? 

Thank you! I've always been very hard working and set high standards for myself, I look up to people who are a lot more successful than me and want to become as good as they are, which makes me set my sights high and stops me from ever getting complacent. In order to succeed I think it's important to trust yourself and be able to try new things in order to get better, but also to allow yourself to feel proud when you've done something and to enjoy off time with friends and family as well. I always want to learn new skills and I think it's important to never stop learning. I find that I'm at my happiest when I'm being creative so to make things is a way of life for me. 

10. What is your message for a better and happier life? 

It's to allow yourself to enjoy the small things in life that make a difference. To turn up the volume when your favourite song is played on the radio, or stop and look when you see something beautiful. To treat yourself to something you like every now and then, even if it's just something small and to make time for your friends, no matter how busy you are. 

11.You are super stylist.  
How do you create you look?
 Can you give some tips? 

Fotos by Cecilia!

Thank you! I have an interest in vintage fashion but I mix styles from different ages. I'm on a budget, but it's amazing what you can find in second hand-shops and flea markets. I have a few key pieces, that I can mix with different things. I like to have something that stands out, but then the rest of the clothes can be more plain, such as a black skirt and tights teamed with a colourful silk blouse and heels. I also have a special love for vintage dresses. I like to wear a dress for special occasions. 

12. How is your studio? What do you most like in it?

Fotos by Cecilia!

My studio is part of a collective where about 20 artists rent studios. It's my favourite place, I have a filter coffee maker and use to listen to music while I work. The things I most like in there are my laptop, my coffee maker and two miniature models I made a couple of years ago for a video I was making. It does get very messy in there when I'm in the middle of working since I can't seem to tidy while I'm in the middle of making something, but I see it as a creative chaos so it's okay.  

13.Why do you blog? What is yours favorite blogs?
Novo blog da Cecilia!
Antigo blog da Cecilia!

I like to keep a blog on my website to update people on projects I'm doing, but I don't update it more than maybe once every month. I used to keep a Swedish blog that I updated daily, but in the end I didn't feel that I had time or enough to talk about to keep it up so now I only write in it occasionally. 

My favourite blog is by a Swedish woman called Ingrid. She writes about really nice things from her life, about her trips to second hand shops, her Christmas preparations, things she makes etc. It's just so nice and inspirational to read. 

14. What is the Loud Major Collective? 
And what is your participation in this group?

It's a website run by a Swedish guy called Victor. He has selected a number of artists, designers and photographers whose work he likes and presents us on his website. Some of the members have collaborated on illustration projects but I haven't taken part in anything like that, my work is only represented on the website, but it's a nice way to get other people to see your work. 

15. Please talk a little about
 you participation in the project 
 “Build your own: Scandinavian loneliness”.

Fotos by Cecilia!

This project was an idea I had about a year ago. I wanted to make an artwork that people could become a part of. It is a box-set containing a paper model of a derelict cottage, trees, a backdrop and instructions. 

The look of the piece references flat-pack furniture and Scandinavian design, but is also a comment on society's promotion of happiness as a commodity, that we can only achieve happiness by having the perfect home and consuming the things society tells us to consume because they're trendy or sought after. 

I have been researching the philosopher C.G Jung and his idea of the house as a metaphor for the Self, and how the building of a house can signify the building of a Self, so I want people to buy the model set and build it while thinking about these things.

I was very lucky to get funding from the Arts Council of Ireland to produce an edition of 25 model sets which will be exhibited in a solo exhibition I have in Dublin in January. I employed two people to work with me on the project. One person to help me with the model making and a writer who wrote an essay which will be included in each of the model sets. It took a lot of work to make but I'm really looking forward to exhibiting them!

Para mais informacoes entrem:

Trabalhos da Cecilia!