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quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2011

Entrevista - Nina Mosall - BLOG: Nina, pictures of my life

A Nina recomeçou a bloggar e essa garota meiga, bonita,  e simpática de Vancouver, Canadá tem muito a nos ensinar, antes de apresentar a sua entrevista eu mostrarei o que eu me identifiquei com ela! 

O livro Um dia, eu quero muito lê-lo! E assistir o filme...

O livro Comer, Amar e Rezar eu li e assisti o filme e gostaria de fazê-los novamente! 
Quem sabe em breve... 

Não li o livro mas assisti o filme e simplesmente amei! 

Adoro comer cookies!

Eu adoro sapatos diferentes!!!

Eu adoro revistas, principalmente a Vogue Magazine...

Eu adoro sushis! 

1. Why do you star in a blog? And how does it influence your daily life?

I decided to star in a blog because I thought it would be a cool way to document my life and be able to share it with others. It's kind of like a diary with pictures! And the good thing is I don't get as many hand cramps from writing with a pen or pencil :) The influences this blog (and my past ones) has given me are an appreciation for the smaller things in life. When you are taking photos and trying to find anything worth saying every single day, a lot of your perspective on what is actually "interesting" changes. I find now even going for a simple walk to the park is just as interesting as, say, going to a parade! It also allows me to reflect on what I did during th e day and give me a better insight as to what I could do next time or what I would like to do.

2. What is the best part of having a blog and the worst part?

The best part of having a blog is seeing the comments I get from viewers and what they really think about what I post. In my older blog I would write a lot about my opinions and my thoughts about life, love, and so on, and I would get some similar opinions of opposing ones from readers of my blog. It's nice to know there are actual people reading rather than robots! Though, this newer blog isn't getting too m any comments but I am hoping it's just cause I am starting again. :)

The worst part of having a blog is the kind of pressure you feel to always post and make sure there are enough posts in your schedule you have made. Sometimes I feel pressure when I have no found the time to take pictures to make a post, but at the same time it has become a part of my daily life to document and I am finding it less of a hassle. In fact, I usually find it very enjoyable!

3. What is your occupation? What do you like to do in your free time?

I am c urrently doing my last year in highschool! So I am a student just trying to graduate with good grades and a good heart. 

Free time is one of the things I live for and so I do many things. I am a big reader and writer and so I spend hours just reading book after book and writing either in my handwritten diary (yes I still have one), or in my creative writing journal (or on this blog!). I also like cooking. Food is the best and so I cook a lot of pastas and breakfasts which I must say, are pretty tasty. I have had a lot of practice. When I have a big chunk of free time, like weeks or months, I love to travel! I have gone to places like New York, London, Costa Rica, and so on. Even going on a little day trip to downtown Vancouver with a few friends is adventure enough for me.

4. What do you want to be in 5 years?

Now this is tricky. I am not exactly sure what I am want to be. I have a few ideas but I know for sure that I want to study English and continue my education up to a PhD even when I work. I think I would like to go into the advertising field (such as a copywriter), professor, or just a writer (with no money, of course). I will probably just keep studying and see where my interests go towards. Though I have always dreamed of becoming Catwoman and climbing walls. 

In terms of a person I really want to be strong, confident, and most importantly independent. I want to make my own money and live in my own place and feel safe and secure with who I am and what I am doing. I do not want to feel lost and useless. That would be horribly upsetting.

5. What makes you feel strong and confident ?

When something that has been completed by me is up to my standards and had gotten great feedback or productive feedback (such as a project, essay, picture, etc). I just love knowing you put your all into something and that people have been able to sense and notice that you have. It makes me feel all tingly inside and I find it so rewarding to even get a smile towards something I have done. Also just having a really productive day socially and also in the work that I do. 

Eu adorei esses estilos da Nina. 
Adoro listras, um estilo mais original que o outro! 
Ela está linda! 

Okay, this may sound superficial but I love when I am wearing an outfit I feel so amazingly fine and comfortable in. It feels like you are Wonder Woman and can do anything! Sometimes when I wear a new dress or my favorite pair of shoes I am extra bright and feel like I can fly!

6. What is a perfect day for you ?

Waking up to the sun shining and a nice breakfast and spending a whole day in a place like New York, Paris, London, or Rome! Just being able to explore a new place with friends and family by taking pictures, talking to strangers, watching plays or shows, and eating great food in a beautiful city! Oh how dreamy!

Eu adorei essa entrevista, ouviremos muito ainda sobre a Nina, uma garota cheia de sonhos e capaz de muitas realizações... 
Todas as fotos são da Nina! 

Entrevista - Janis - BLOG: My suitcase heart

Eu caí por acaso no blog da Janis, mas definitivamente foi amor à primeira vista, eu adoro sua personalidade e seu blog, sempre que posso dou um pulinho lá, um excelente local para encontrar fotos encantadoras que ela e seu marido Mike, que também mantém um blog, tiram.

Esse é o mundo dela, e você está convidado a conhecer!

O nome blog dela vem dessa música! 

O que mais me chamou a atenção nesse blog foi a história de amor entre Janis e Mike, é linda e inspiradora, nos faz acreditar que encontrar o amor  é simplesmente demais!
Vocês podem lê-la lá no blog dela em FAQs!

Aonde aconteceu essa história de amor! 

Winnipeg Canadá!


Um pequena entrevista com a  linda Janis!

1. How is life in Winnipeg?

Right now - really cold! Winter starts early and lasts quite awhile. But you know, it's a good excuse to stay inside and get cozy :) Otherwise, life in Winnipeg is good! Some exciting things have been happening in Winnipeg lately (getting our NHL team back, to name one example). We also have excellent friends here which makes life a lot of fun.

2. Why do you start a blog? And how does it influence your daily life?

I started my blog because it seemed like a good outlet for creative expression. It definitely encourages me to be more creative & I'm so inspired by what I see on other blogs. Throughout a day, I might think "Oh! That would be good to post on the blog" or think about things I want to talk about. It's also nice getting comments throughout the day. The blogging world is such a great community.

3. What is your occupation? What do you like to do in your free time?

I am in my last year of Education at the University of Winnipeg. By the end of April, I'll be a certified teacher! So exciting. I love to cook & bake in my free time. I also love reading blogs, taking photos, spending time with friends, watching movies & reading.

4. What is a perfect day for you ? 

Well, I think it would involve sleeping in & cuddling with that cute husband of mine. Then going out for an excellent breakfast. And then probably a day at the beach - Oh I love my beach days. And then maybe cuddle up and watch a movie in the evening :)

5. What makes you feel strong and confident ?

 I feel strong thinking about some of the adversity that I have overcome in the past and where I am now. I'm proud of what I've done so far in my life and am confident that the future holds exciting things for me & my husband. Mike, my husband, also makes me feel strong & confident. He compliments me everday!


5 coisas que eu adoro na Janis

 1 ela adora tomar café dá manhã! 

ela se veste bem! 

ela adora ler!

ela adora tomar café!

ela adora sair com as amigas!

Todas as imagens foram retiradas do blog dela! 

Coisas legais para se fazer com post it!

Eu amo Post-it,  
e vou postar coisas legais para se fazer com eles! 

 Montar o roteiro de uma história!

Julia Cohen uma escritora, 
ensina nesse post como ir montando uma história
 a partir de um quadro com cenas em post-it!


 Resumir um livro 

Esse professor, Luis Caldas, ensina como resumir um livro, 
escrevendo as partes importantes do livro 
e juntando em uma folha.

Legal né? Como sair do post -it e ir para um livro e 
como sair de um livro e ir para post-it!!! 


Por isso eu amo post-its!

Being Erica!

O ano que vem morarei em Toronto, e para me habituar com o lugar comecei a assistir a  série canadense Being Erica ( Sendo Erica!), estou gostando bastante!

Um pouco sobre a série 

Nome da personagem principal: Erica Strange

Idade:32 anos

Características iniciais : sofre de solteirice crônica e está afundada num sub-emprego apesar de ter mestrado em literatura

Mudança: Dr. Tom, um terapeuta misterioso a convence a participar de suas sessões. Ele pede para Erica fazer uma lista de todos os seus arrependimentos e assim inicia sua terapia nada convencional: voltar ao passado e modificar as decisões das quais ela se arrepende.

Características apos a terapia: Erica se fortalece, fica mais auto-confiante. Ela se torna uma mulher mais corajosa e decide abraçar a vida ao invés de temê-la!

Aonde  assistir on-line

Esse site não tem legenda e esse é o objetivo aprender Inglês a qualquer custo! 

Sites legais sobre a série 

O site oficial da série! 

Algumas capas dos Dvds

O que eu gosto na série 

1. A casa da Erica! 

2. Ela trabalha como editora de livro! UPE!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Ela quer ser escritora e já escreveu algumas histórias! 


Foi feita uma entrevista com a atriz da série e os lugares e as coisas que ela mais gostava em Toronto! 
Assim que eu estiver lá e se tiver condições tentarei conhecer os lugares que ela indicou! 

I bought a really cool bike from Kensington Market

My favourite thing to do in Toronto—hands down—is to go across the ferry to Centre Island.

There’s a place called theRectory Café

From there, I’d love to go straight to a Blue Jays game.  

Esses são os locais que aparecem na série! Assim que eu estiver lá e se tiver condições tentarei conhecê-los!

The University of Toronto, abbreviated sometimes to "U of T", 
appears several times in the series.

337 Palmerston Boulevard (exterior, as Erica Strange's apartment)

8 King Street East (exterior, as River Rock Publishing office)

469 King Street West  (exterior, as Goblins coffee house)