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segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

Entrevista Especia: AfroTwins - Fillipa e Daniela Mondlane!

Vou confessar um segredo:  eu sou muito fã dessas gêmeas, acho que meu amor por gêmeas começou com as Olsen Twins, e quando descobri as Afro Twins no facebook de um amigo simplesmente amei! Elas são lindas, autênticas, inteligentes e modernas, tudo o que uma garota precisa ser no mundo de hoje!

Essas jovens mulheres construíram seu próprio negócio a Afro Twins Productions

What is the offspring of you? 
And what is the influence of duality Mozambique and Sweden?

Our Mom is from Sweden and our Dad is from Mozambique.
By having parents from two different continents, has given us a wider perspective on things, and on the world, and the people in it. Made it easier to understand different cultures and different ways of living, and also be insipred.

What is your occupation, what do you study
And how did the African TwinsProductions born?

We are studying different courses at the moment, such as Fashion & Design and Portuguese. But later this year we are planning on going to London to study fulltime, Fashion Design and Music Management.

Afro Twins Production was born about 2 years ago. When we moved back to Mozambique from Sweden. Our friend put us in in charge of creating music video and the visuals for his label. And we realized that we had a new way of thinking and a new vision and ideas, compared to what Mozambique already had seen. We didn’t want the videos to look like something they’ve already seen. And from there we started writing and producing videos.

You are super stylish. What are your influences ?
 And what is your key's look?

Hahaha, we’re flattered that you think we’re “super stylish”. We’ve both always been strong believer of confidence, and to be proud of being a woman and your own body. And also been very proud of our origin. So we would say that the most important thing is confidence – to be confident in what you do. We’ve never been afraid of pushing the bar. We don’t have a specific influence, I’d say most of the times we influence each other.

Of course the whole “Afro – movement” has influenced us, and we love African patterns and fabrics, and we love to mix and match different styles. We have developed a bad habit of shopping way too much, heheh. We love accessories; our mom calls us “The Queens Of Accessories”. It’s amazing how you can make an outfit “perfect” with just adding a couple of accessories.

As Afro Twins foram garotas propagandas da MozStyle.  

   You travel a lot. What is the important for you to travel? 
And as these trips shape the day-to-day to you?

Hehe, yes we do. The world is so big, and there’s so much to be seen, so we might as well see it all while we still can, hehe. Travelling a lot has damaged us in a way, hehe, it’s hard for us to stay in one place for too long, I guess that’s both good and bad, it would be nice to be satisfied with just staying on one place. The world is a beautiful place, and all the people and different cultures in it, and to be able to see all this places is just amazing!

You kept a blog, why gave up keeping it? 
And what blogs do you visit?

Yes we did, for a long time. We closed it down because we got more and more busy, and ended up not writing that often, so we decided to close it down. We’ve now opened two new once though: and . We visit a lot of fashion and music blogs, and yours of course!

  How is a typical day in your life?

A typical “Afro Twins Day” starts of around 10 in the morning, when we head to the gym, we stay there for about 2h, then head home for some lunch, and sometimes after lunch we have meetings or we have storyboards to write. We often meet up with our different artists to try to figure out what the next step is; which videos to shoot, what songs to release etc.  In the evenings we try to set aside some time for school, assignments etc.

You seem to be very courageous, daring, 
productive, motivated and independent. 
What is your secret to be successful women?

Hahaha, wow, thanks. I don’t really know if there’s a secret, like we said earlier: it’s very important to be confident in what you do. It might also have something to do with how we were raised; our parents always believed in us, they always encourage us to be creative.

It’s also very important to surround yourself with creative and active people, that keep you motivated and support your ideas – and you support theirs. And never give up on your dream! The journey there might not always be all fun and games, most of the times it’ll probably mostly sweat and tears, but when you get there, it will be all worth it!  

10 coisas que eu adoro nas AfroTwins!

Elas adoram comer sushi! 

Elas adoram uma boa festa!

Elas adoram tomar café da manhã!

Não pude deixar de colocar essa foto pois amo uma bela mesa de café da manhã! 

Elas trabalham com produção de cds e videos clips! 

Elas  adoram os animais! 

Elas adoram tomar café!

Elas adoram tomar drinks e vinhos!

Elas gostam de cozinhar!

Elas são super estilosas 

 Elas adoram fazer comprar, e compram coisas lindas! 

Algumas trabalhos  

As Afro Twins trabalharam na produção desse cd, 
uma coletânea com músicas do rap moçambicano.
Em algumas faixas elas participam cantando. 

As Afro Twins fazem parte desse grupo Turma do Exagero, 
e contribuem com a produção de cds e video clips, 
a criação de identidade visual e stylist dos cantores.

Esse é um dos artistas dos quais 
elas ajudaram na produção musical! 

Eu gostei bastante desse cd, 
principlamente da faixa Watch Me. 
Acho a letra muito boa! 

Fico muito feliz pela participação da Fillipa e da Daniela aqui no blog! A produção delas é inspiradora. 
Desejo cada dia mais sucesso a elas e vamos aguardar pois ainda ouviremos muito o nome delas principalmente quando se trata de hip hop!