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domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2012

Entrevista - Charlyn - BLOG: Hopscotch

Está é a  Charlyn ,  ela mora em Toronto! E é diretora de arte! 


This is her turning white in colors! The power of being just like the rainbow!

Linda, talentosa e  criativa! O que mais esperar de uma mulher múltipla como ela! 

Aonde encontrar as fotos  e trabalhos de  Charlyn  na internet! 


E essa  é  a minha pequena entrevista com ela!

1. How is live in TORONTO?

Toronto is a very easy city to live in.  It is such a multi-cultural city and the best thing is walking down the street and you get to hear so many different languages being spoken.

2. Why do you star a blog?

 And how its influence your daily life?

I originally started my blog with a good friend of mine, but it slowly turned into my own blog.  It's influenced my life in a sense that it is a personal visual diary where I now always feel the need to document.

3. What is your occupation? 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I work as an Art Director in advertising, and in my free time I love to paint, take pictures, spend time with my loved ones and blog of course! ;D

4. What make you feel strong and confident ?

I feel best (both strong and confident) when I am creatively happy and inspired.

5. What is a perfect day for you ?

The perfect day for me is sleeping in, having time to do something creative, getting to snuggle with Fig Newton (my cat) and meeting up with friends for coffee and dinner.

6. What is your favorite place to have a good coffebreak in Toronto?

Hands down, Sam James!

7. Where have you been traveling?

 Whats the mean of travel in your life?

Hmmm, I've been traveling more and more each year I feel.  This year alone I've been to Berlin, Los Angeles, Porto, London and (soon) Hong Kong.  For me, traveling is experiencing new cultures, meeting up with old friends and making new ones,  and again, I feel that traveling feeds my creativity.

Agora ela viaja por Hong Kong! 

8. What is your message for 

a better and happier life?

Live in the moment! :)

Coisas que adoro na Charlyn

1. Ela adora um bom Fika! 

2. Ela usa Wristworms da Sandra Juto

3. Ela adora os animais!

4. Ela adora tomar café  da manha! 

5. Ela é  muito talentosa e cria lindos bichinhos!

6. Ela tem um excelente estilo!

7. Ela faz umas listas super charmosas!

8. Ela mora em Toronto!

9. Ela participa de um projeto de Martin, um cara super talentoso!