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segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012

Entrevista Especial! - Lilian Rodriguez

Essa é uma entrevista super especial para mim, conheci Lilian aqui em Toronto na escola onde estudamos juntas! Ela tem uma indentidade super autêntica tornando-se uma mullher inspiradora e super interessante, com certeza essa entrevista vai te inspirar a desfrutar o melhor que a vida pode te oferecer!

 1. Where are you living now?
Caracas, Venezuela.

2. And Where have you being living ?
In Venezuela I have lived at least in three cities since I left my family home. This year, I had too the opportunity to live in Toronto, Canada.

3. What is your occupation?

My initial career is Industrial Engineer but the live gave me the chance to develop my need to lead and support people in conflicts as a coach and therapist. So, both, business and people guide me to create my own company and work like a Consultant and Coach of transformations process.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

 I love to read, write, paint, listen some music, learn and share tools to personal growth like NLP, Astrology, Tarot, Neurology’s discoveries. I love to meet with my friends to talk and laugh....

5. Can you tell me about your artwork?

Basically, I focus my creativity in three things, the main is designing formations where I teach tools to growth and be successful, in a second place, I write in my blog or where I can, about how belief and experiences help us or not to growth. And finally I love to relax myself painting Mandalas.

6. And your blog?

My blog´s name is "Beliefs that makes the Difference", is my baby and it is just one year, and it is about normal experiences that make me reflecting about our way to see the reality is so different each from another, and how sometimes only change the glass or perceptions show us new options to be successful.
7. What inspire your work?

Actually from my own experiences, my works, family and loving relationships, when I wanted to achieve something and the results looked like failures. It gave me so many feedbacks about myself and opportunities that I decided to change and change to be able to take other decisions, to feel better with myself and everything around me.
8. And what are your favorite’s blogs?

I love the work of my master Elisabeth Tepper , she have four blogs about Neuro-linguistic Programming, Kabala and The three of life, Tarot and Women´s circles, all of them using as a growth tools.
9. How is your home- studio?

 It´s very warm and quite, actually I recently moved in so it´s perfect because I have enough space to study, create, work and rest. 

10. What do you most like in it?

I love the zone because is between mountains inside the city so is very relaxing, I have every area with different colors so I love the feeling, the privacy and freedom to create new ideas!

11. What is a perfect day for you?

My perfect day? Uhmmm… let me see. If I am working at home: Waking up very early like 6am, take a light breakfast, go to the park and walk with the music rhythm at least one hour; come back home to meditate and start to create new ideas, projects, writings or trainings to share. And at the end of the day go to dinner with my boyfriend or friends and talk about these projects, about how was their day, mutual things, plans or ideas and enjoy them. When I am working outside the dynamic is so fast, but my perfect day is have enough time to equilibrate all areas of my life, heart, work, body and mind!
12. How is a typical day in your life?

Actually start the day before, checking my agenda, if I have meetings, trainings, work in companies or individually coaching. So my time to wake is variable, enjoy my breakfast, if the work is behind the scene is very close of the perfect day but if the routine is outside with clients is very fast and challenging, because it is about sharing time with a lot of people, spending almost all day talking, talking, listening and listening so at the end of the day only want to share with my people and share experiences with intimate company.
13. Where have you been traveling?

I have been in Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, México, USA (Miami, New York, Hawaii and Chicago), Canada, France, Holland, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

14. What’s the mean of travel in your life?

Wow... To travel for me is like a treasure, because I have the opportunity to learn, enjoy, be curious and change my perception about life and styles.
15. What make you feel strong and confident?

 The love of my family and friends. Achieve my goals and enjoy it the process. Be able to imagine projects and make them real. And definitely support people about how they can improve their lives.

16. What is your secret to be a successful woman?

Trusting and being aware that life always gives you whatever you are looking for while you keep walking for it. Keep constantly searching and learn about myself, my talents, fears, dreams and challenges. Making necessary changes even when a lot of them are painful.

17. What is your message for a better and happier life?

IMAGINE that kind of live that you want create (What do want you see, listen and feel), FOCUS and PRIORITIZE your projects/dreams and BELIEVE that you can make it, that you deserve it and even if you don´t have the resources; always can learn or reminded how to get it.