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segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Entrevista - Celeste - BLOG: Celeste Wanderlust

This is my interview with the adorable Celeste. Her Wanderlust is an amazing world to get lost! At this atmosfere we can dream with a better world and have faith and hope in life! She amazed me with her smile. I am happy for being able to write about this inspirational woman, she made me wanted more magic in my days! 


This is Celeste!


7 things about Celeste and her world!

1. She created her own book!

2. She loves eating and writing!

3. She has adorables nieces!

4. She knows how to be thankful!

5. She likes Courtney Marie Andrews's songs!

6. She likes and contribuites for The Violet Magazine

7.  Her blog has illustrations by Suzy Krause

Some pieces of her!

1. How is life in California?

I love California and more specifically, I love San Francisco and the Bay Area. I love knowing that I live in a state where the city, beach, forest, snow and dessert are all within driving distance. And, our food is amazing: the food community really promotes delicious, seasonal and sustainable foods and we have the best weather!

2. Why did you start a blog? And does how it influence your daily life?

I started my little blog in 2009 to document my first trip to Europe: Greece. Since then it's grown to be one of my favorite outlets-- a place where I can share my photos and memories. Like an online journal. Today, I think it's great motivation to capture and remember the little moments and things in life that I treasure.

3. What is your occupation? What do you like to do in your free time?

I'm a recent college graduate and I'm currently looking for work in anything related to writing, editing, photography, food or travel (I'm interested in a lot of things!). During my free time I love to take photos, read and spend time in the kitchen. I also have the cutest little nieces in the world who I love to play with as much as possible.

4. What makes you feel strong and confident?

I think I get a lot of my strength from the women in my family-- especially my mother and late grandmother. They've all led such challenging lives that whenever I feel worn down, I look to them and know that I can finish whatever I'm struggling with. To be honest, feeling confident doesn't come easily but I hope to someday be half as strong as the women in my family.

5. What is a perfect day for you?

Waking up early (but not feeling tired), reading a book while sipping tea, driving along the coast, preparing food to eat while spending time with my boyfriend and family and watching Pride and Prejudice (2005).
6. What is your favorite place to have a good coffebreak in your town?

Lately I've really loved a bakery called Tartine, which is in San Francisco's Mission District. It's a little pricey, but one of my dearest friends introduced me to the place and every time I've gone back, I've been able to meet with really good friends over amazingly delicious pastries and lattes.

7. Where have you been traveling?
 What's the meaning of travel in your life?

So far, I've been fortunate to study abroad in Greece, Florence, Oxford and Bologna and I've been an au pair in southern France. Because of these trips, I've been able to visit Austria and Denmark (two of my favorite countries), a lot of western Europe, and a ton of Italy. I've been to the Philippines, too, and I'm hoping to travel more outside of Europe in the future. To me, traveling is the best way to feel both how big and how small the world really is. My experiences (so far) have taught me that although there are an infinite amount of places to discover, I will always find something personal to connect with.

8. What is your message for a better and happier life?

This is something
 I'm still learning myself,
 but so far: love and be loved.

9. What are your favorites blogs?

This list changes often, but right now: 

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot for travel, 

 Pugly Pixel for web tutorials and design, 

My Suitcase Heart for beautiful, homey photos

The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell because Meg always seems to say it best.